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Press Releases 2010

A Sound Constitution

Published 19th July 2010, 10:42am

Cayman Islands' residents uncovered some in-depth details regarding current civic developments during the country's first Constitution Week celebration.

Under the theme Working Our Constitution, both the governing document and those who are implementing its provisions remained at the forefront.

Activities included official messages, informative press and media appearances and public opportunities to interact with the new Constitutional Commissioners. As the week progressed, there was also an open house, a church service and several public presentations.

"The sheer diversity should serve as a reminder that our Constitution is not just a report sitting on a shelf-it's a living, evolving document," said Constitutional Secretariat Manager Deborah Bodden.

She especially thanked members of the public who took advantage of the opportunity to meet officials and learn more about the democratic process, and said she looks forward to the education process continuing year-round.

The celebratory week highlighted Cayman's new Constitution, which was formally introduced last November. In his message His Excellency the Governor Duncan Taylor, CBE, said that the exercise of freedom lies in the hands of the people.

Encouraging individual participation he said, "the key word - responsibility - balances the popular word - freedom - for indeed, the two concepts must go hand in hand!"

Congratulating those who continue to work on behalf of the people, Mr. Taylor added, "They are ensuring that the groundwork is being carried out to realise the provisions of the Constitution, from government accountability to human rights, all of which are designed to help ensure a positive future for these islands."

Residents throughout Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac had opportunities to gain a better understanding of the document, as well as insights into the work of the Commissions.

For additional information, contact the Commissions Secretariat on 244-3685, or fax 945-8649.

Details on the Cayman Islands' Constitutional process and the new document are also available on the Constitution website: