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The Premier

Sections 49 – 50

Who, How, When


Under the Constitution the Governor must now appoint as Premier in the case of a political party that gains a majority of seats in the LA, the elected member of the Assembly recommended by a majority of the elected members who are members of that party.   However, if no political party gains a majority in the LA, or if no recommendation is made in relation to winning political party, the person who receives the majority of votes cast.The former Premier can  then sit as a Cabinet Minister or an MLA for four (4) more years, before being able to be reconsidered for the Premier position.

Some of the functions of the Premier include, being able to request Cabinet meetings, working with the Governor to set the agenda, and chairing those meetings in the Governor’s absence. The Premier shall advise the Governor who should be appointed as the Deputy Premier, and Ministers of Cabinet. The Premier also consults with the Governor before the Governor appoints the Cabinet Secretary. As regards, the appointments made to various Constitutional commissions, committees and councils, the Premier either consults with or advises the Governor on such appointments.  With respect to the Legislative Assembly,   the Governor is required to consult with the Premier, before deciding to prorogue (suspend) or dissolve the LA.

The Premier is required to carry out his or her functions in accordance with the Constitution and any other law, and in the best interests of the Cayman Islands.

In addition to consulting with Cabinet, the Governor and Premier must confer on a regular basis. The Premier must fully brief the Governor about government policies and public affairs.

Tenure of the Premier

The Premier can be appointed for no more than two consecutive terms at a time (8 years).

Last Updated: 2009-10-29