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Implementation of the new Constitution requires unity, initiative and compromise as everyone continues to develop, as well as these Islands, with strength and optimism.

These testimonials have been recorded to give persons an opportunity to provide feedback or comments on the Implementation of the Constitution. Persons were asked a series of questions. 

What does having a new Constitution mean to you?

Message 1: (Mr. Michael Rivers)

Mr. Michael Rivers

"To me, the new Constitution means that we as Caymanians will actually have a lot more rights in our country than we did under the previous Constitution. I see it as advancement over the old one…it's not perfect, but it's a stepping stone to advancement into the 21st Century. I think that we should be proud that it's really going through, and that the process was made to improve it and to now implement it."

The day the Constitution officially comes into effect, how should it be recognized?

Message 2: (Ms. Tricia Cacho)

Ms. Tricia Cacho

"The modernisation of the Cayman Islands' constitution is indeed a historic process and the implementation of the new constitution should be recognised in a special way. I think that a celebration, similar to what is held in recognition of the Queen's Birthday and other special days would be very fitting to mark the occasion. It would also be good if perhaps Constitution Day could also include recognition of the birth or implementation of our new Constitution. This would ensure that every year, the people of our islands will be reminded of this very important achievement in the history of our country."

General Comment

Message 3: (Mr. Andrel Harris)

Mr. Andrel Harris

"There are parts of the Constitution that did catch my eye. I realize there have been several advances, and the Caymanian people are being empowered."


What area (s) of the Constitution has a special significance to you?

Message 4: (Marzeta Bodden)

“One aspect of the new Constitution that’s very important, and is very significant for the country, is the creation of District Advisory Councils. It’s very important for there to be open communication between the people and the government, and the District Advisory Councils will ensure that this can always exist.”