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Commission for Standards in Public Life

Section 117


The Commission for Standards in Public Life (CSPL) scrutinizes standards of ethical conduct in the Legislative Assembly and the Cabinet, as well as on the part of public authorities and public officers.


The Commission will develop codes of conduct for politicians and high-ranking public officers. It will also review procedures for awarding public contracts, as well as for appointing members to public authorities and the terms of appointment. In addition to investigating breaches of conduct and reporting to the Legislative Assembly, it is responsible for operating registers of interest, or statutory documents available to the public that outline the interests, e.g. holdings, directorships, etc. of public servants or others.


Following consultation with the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition, the Governor must appoint a Chairman and at least two other members from among public and private sector workers known to be of the highest integrity. In keeping with the Commission’s remit to monitor finances and conduct in relation to various laws, at least one member is required to be an accountant, and one must be an attorney.


It was believed to be in important to introduce an independent body, not subject to the undue influence of Government to oversee and monitor the activities of government to ensure honesty, transparency good conduct and ultimately protect the public interest.
The current members of the Commission for Standards in Public Life are: –

  • Mrs. Karin Thompson (Chairperson)
  • Mrs. Nyda Mae Flatley
  • Mr. Roy McTaggart
  • Mr. Hedley Robinson
  • Pastor Winston Rose

Last Updated: 2010-08-17