Advisory District Councils

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Advisory District Councils

Section 119

What and Why:

In other countries a district council is a formal committee, usually elected, that serves as the first point of contact for citizens who wish to address issues in their districts or neighborhoods. It was felt that councils could provide additional support for legislators who have to deal with a crowded executive agenda. The constitutional role of these Advisory District Councils is to act as advisory bodies to the elected members of the Legislative Assembly.


The Cabinet is due to develop policies regarding the creation of Advisory District Councils and arrange for a law to be passed by the Legislative Assembly to allow for their creation and operation.


In every electoral district.


Concurrent to policies are made to create the ADC’s, a law to lawfully establish constitutional Advisory District Councils and its passage by the Legislative Assembly will be developed.  The public must be continuously updated throughout this process.

Last Updated: 2010-08-17