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National Security Council

Section 58

What, Why, How:

While previously the Governor had sole executive responsibility over the police and national security in the Cayman Islands, the new Constitution has proffered a mechanism to facilitate local contributions to national security matters, known as the National Security Council (NSC). A group of elected ministers, senior civil servants and civil society members are now vested with responsibility for making policy recommendations to the Governor concerning internal security in the islands. This is because both the United Kingdom Government and the Cayman Government believe that effectively dealing with matters of internal security are best achieved through greater local participation.
Members of the NSC receive regular briefings from the Police Commissioner and meet at the request of the Governor or Premier.  The Governor chairs the Council, However; the new Constitution requires the Governor to act in accordance with the advice of the Council unless he feels such actions will adversely affect Her Majesty’s interest. In such cases he must then report to the Council at its next meeting.


  1. The Governor (Chairman)

5 ex officio members

  1. Premier
  2. Leader of the Opposition (or his or her designate)
  3. Deputy Governor
  4. Attorney General
  5. Commissioner of Police

And the Governor’s appointees

  1. Two Ministers (other than Premier but recommended by the Premier)
  2. Two Persons of Civil Society (after consultation with Premier & Leader of the Opposition)

Last Updated: 2010-08-16