Human Rights Commission

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Human Rights Commission

Section 116

What and Why:

As one of the institutions supporting democracy, the new Constitution has mandated the formal organization of a Human Rights Commission responsible for promoting the understanding and observance of those essential rights of citizens. Since the middle of the last century countries around the world have introduced similar organizations to safeguard the rights of their citizens to a fair safe and just society.


The Commission investigates breaches of the bill of rights, or international treaties; initiate and issue reports relating to human rights issues;  advise persons whose rights have been breached, provide a mediation and conciliation service; issue guidance on procedures for dealing with breaches;  and educate the public about  human rights.


The Commission must consist of a chairman and four members, at least two of whom must be experienced lawyers.

The current members of the Human Rights Commission are -

  • Mr. Richard Coles (Chairman)
  • Mrs. Sara Collins
  • Mrs. Cathy Frazier
  • Rev. Nicholas Sykes
  • Mr. Alistair Walters

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Last Updated: 2010-08-17