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The 1972 Constitution and Companion Guide

Companion Guide cover

Here, in one document, is an informal consolidated version of the constitution and a question and answer guide that sets out the constitutional provisions in simple terms.

"Everyone should have a copy of the Constitution," stated Mrs. Suzanne Bothwell, shortly after taking the helm of the Constitutional Review Secretariat. This document achieves that goal.

The Cayman Islands (Constitution), Order 1972 provides the legal basis upon which government operates. Over the last two decades, the Cayman Islands Constitution has been amended more than seven times, resulting in over 50 changes. The Legislative Assembly put together this informal version, permitting the reader to have all sections of the constitution in one document.

In an effort to encourage the people of Cayman to understand the relationship between the constitution and how the Cayman Islands Government functions, the Constitutional Review Secretariat produced the question and answer guide and then combined it with the constitution to create the present booklet, The 1972 Constitution and Companion Guide.

Access to this guide will allow readers to put into context the constitutional proposals that voters will be considering during phase 3 of the Constitutional Modernization Initiative -- the national referendum in May.

Companion Guide
The 1972 Constitution and Companion Guide.

The Companion Guide
The Cayman Islands Constitution Order 1972