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This information is being maintained for archive/historical purposes only.
It will not be updated.


Phase 4 - Referendum

Phase 4 comprised a National Referendum whereby persons, who are registered to vote in the Cayman Islands, was asked to vote on whether or not the 2009 Draft Constitution would be passed. The question presented on Referendum Day, 20 May, 2009, was as follows:

Do you approve the Draft Constitution which was agreed by the Cayman Islands Constitution Delegation and the Government of the United Kingdom on 5th February, 2009 and tabled in the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands on 11th February, 2009?”

Phase 4 - Referendum

  • National Referendum on Constitutional Reform

Preparatory Steps to Referendum

  • Enactment of Referendum Law
  • Training of Referendum Officers
  • Public Education on Referendum Process
  • Preparation of the Referendum Ballot

62.2% of persons voted YES to the Draft Constitution.


Last Updated: 2009-07-2