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Phase 2 Public Consultation

Key Points - Phase 2

  • Public education on Constitutional issues raised in the Public Discussion Paper
  • Public consultation period

Phase 2 began with the launch of the Summary of Proposals which served as a starting point for public discussion on the constitutional issues. It was also an opportunity for the Cayman Islands to engage in a national conversation on the formulation of a national identity for the Cayman Islands through our Constitution. Therefore, the proposals presented in the document are the views of the PPM Government, this does not necessarily indicate that these proposals must be voted on.

This was also the beginning of the public education and awareness process on the various constitutional issues as presented. The phase was also the official public consultation period whereby members of the public are encouraged to engage in public discussion and present their views on proposed areas of constitutional reform as set out in the Public Discussion Papers. This was mostly conducted through private and public meetings and different media forums. This process is not simply one of writing down suggestions, but actually assessing each proposal for its feasibility, viability and prospect for success.

After the public consultation period is over, an assessment of the feedback will be carried out in order for a Referendum Issue document to be published in time for the May 2009 Referendum. After the recommendation for the constitutional proposals was put forward and endorsed by the people of the Cayman Islands, all elected members will be required to debate these proposals in the Legislative Assembly and approve a motion before the negotiations are commenced with the United Kingdom.

In addition to the public discussions, members of the districts, family members and friends were encouraged to form discussion groups and talk about the constitutional issues amongst each other and make your submissions to us.

Last Updated: 2009-07-02