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The Constitution Modernization Initiative 2007 will comprise of a four part programme. Phase 4 has just been completed and we are now in the planning stages of the implementation for the New Constitution.

The phases were expected to take place during a period of 24 months starting 1 March 2007, although there is no fixed end date for the Constitution Modernization Initiative.

Phase 2 - Consultation

  • Public education on Constitutional issues raised in Public Discussion Paper
  • Public consultation period

Phase 1 - Research

  • Identify viable areas of Constitutional Reform
  • Publication & distribution of a Public Discussion Paper

Phase 4 -Referendum

  • National Referendum on Constitutional Reform

Phase 3 - Negotiation

  • Negotiations between the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom for modernization of the Cayman Islands Constitution

Last Updated: 2008-10-07