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New Constitution Highlighted at Heritage Days

This year’s Pirates Week Heritage Days were about more than just times gone by. It also featured the future as event goers had the opportunity to discuss Cayman’s new constitution and register to vote in order to participate in the 2008 Referendum and 2009 elections.

Constitutional Review Secretariat (CRS) staff and Registering Officers and staff from the Elections Office manned a booth at each of the Pirates Week Heritage Days, where members of the public were able to ask questions about the Constitutional Modernization Initiative (CMI) process as well as complete elector registration forms for the 2008 Referendum and the 2009 elections. CMI information packets and giveaways were also handed out.

The CRS and Elections Office were both pleased with the turn out.

CRS Director, Suzanne Bothwell, commented: “We thank each and everyone that stopped by our booth and gave their input regarding the CMI. We are also thrilled to see so many people registering to vote. The ability to vote is one of our most important constitutional rights, and people should have a passion for exercising it.”

With Registering Officers there to assist, the Elections Office received approximately 93 completed elector registration forms throughout the Heritage Days. This number includes those persons registering for the first time and those who needed to update their information.

“We are thankful to the Secretariat for creating this opportunity for people to register to vote as well as verifying their details. Voting is one of the essential ingredients of a democracy. By not voting, you are abandoning your right to influence your own future,” said Registering Officer, Kathryn Myles.

The CRS and the Elections Office encourage all eligible voters to register before 31 December 2007 in order to participate in Cayman’s first ever national Referendum.

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