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Constitutional Talks

The Governor's Office is pleased to confirm that a UK delegation will visit the Cayman Islands for informal talks on constitutional modernisation on 20-21 March. These preliminary talks are aimed at restarting the process that has been on hold since early 2004.

The UK team will consist of Constitutional Review Team Leader Ian Hendry, Head of FCO Overseas Territories Department Tony Crombie, FCO Legal Counsellor Susan Dickson, FCO Overseas Territories Constitutional Adviser Michael Bradley, and FCO Overseas Territories Department Desk Officer Fiona Rumney.

The talks will consist of separate sessions with the Government and Opposition. There will also be a separate meeting to discuss the proposed Human Rights Chapter.

H.E. the Governor, who will also attend the talks, will host a reception for a wider selection of people interested in constitutional modernisation to meet the UK team during the visit.