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Archive: 2007

Cayman Net News

Friday 20th June, 2008
Referendum date is back in limbo
Editorial: Constitutional confusion
Commentary: Everybody's Business
Thrusday 19th June, 2008
Referendum date set for 30 July
Tuesday 27th May, 2008
Editorial: The Constitution should be modernized
Monday 26th May, 2008
Editorial: Moving forward with the Constitution
Friday, May 23rd, 2008
Constitutional proposals set for LA
Thrusday 24th April, 2008
Editorial: What were the UDP thinking? (Part 2)
Wednesday 23rd April, 2008
Editorial: What were the UDP thinking? (Part 1)
Tuesday 22nd April, 2008
UDP launches Constitution Paper
Monday 21st April, 2008
LoGB says ‘no civil unions’
Editorial: We need a new constitution
Why should the public vote for a new constitution?
That persistent ‘oops!’
Tuesday 15th April, 2008
Editorial: Single member constituencies - the next stumbling block?
Monday 14th April, 2008
Editorial: The time has come why we must work together
Bill of Rights essential for Cayman's future
Opposition lagging, says LoGB
Friday 11th April, 2008
UK Human Rights for Cayman
Position paper for the HRC
Editorial: A Bill of Rights, or else...
Commentary: Everybody's Business: Universal rights
Thursday 10th April, 2008
Marriage to be defined in Constitution
Friday 4th April, 2008
Editorial: A moderate voice of faith
Tuesday 1st April, 2008
Editorial: So this is what it boils down to
Thursday 27th March, 2008
UDP calls for referendum delay
Editorial: Let's get it done
Wednesday 26th March, 2008
PPM: UDP lacks political maturity
Bill of rights debate continues
Tuesday 25th March, 2008
Editorial: Human Rights: A Cayman Islands conundrum
Tuesday 18th March, 2008
Leader not worried about business
Poll: Little faith in planned referendum
Editorial: 'What would Jesus do?'
Sunday 16th March, 2008
Setting independence record straight
Friday March 14th, 2008
Clergy concerned about proposed Bill of Rights
Thursday 13th March, 2008
Difficulties of colonial administration
Tuesday March 11th, 2008
'Grassroots' debate Constitution
Friday 7th March, 2008
It's your right: If you don't know, find out
What is the Leader of the Opposition's motive in delaying the referendum?
If you don't know, say no
Sunday 5th March, 2008
Increased participation sought
Constitutional facts and truth
Constitution should never become a political football
Monday 3rd March, 2008
Constitution: Explanatory Notes Extracts
Monday 26th February, 2008
Cayman to hold first national vote

Caymanian Compass

Monday 6th October, 2008
Constitutional review: $2.3M
Monday 6th October, 2008
Today’s Editorial for October 7: People’s proposals?
Sunday 5th October, 2008
Talks should be public
Thursday 2nd October, 2008
Support for marriage law change
Tuesday 16th September, 2008
Hold Cabinet, Governor responsible
Tuesday 16th September, 2008
Judge suspended, tribunal formed
Tuesday 16th September, 2008
UDP sees national consensus
Sunday 14th September, 2008
Bush: Open Constitution talks
Sunday 10th August, 2008
UK talks start in late Sept.
Tuesday 9th September, 2008
HRC ignored on gay marriage issue
Sunday 7th September, 2008
Gay marriage ban approved
Wednesday 9th July, 2008
Lawmakers move to ban gay marriage
UK report suggests voting review
Monday 30th June, 2008
Where are our statesmen?
Monday 23rd June, 2008
Referendum mandate defined
Thursday 19th June, 2008
No referendum date set
Tuesday 17th June, 2008
Judicial review of the governor’s actions
Thursday 12th June, 2008
Gay marriage ban proposed
Thursday 22nd May, 2008
Single–member constituencies
New plan addresses gays, religion
Referendum in July
Tuesday 22nd April, 2008
2nd referendum isn’t ruled out
Monday 21st April, 2008
UDP launches constitution paper
Editorial: Still time to have your say
Thursday 17th April, 2008
No civil unions in CI
Wednesday 16th April, 2008
Opposition wants seat at negotiating table
Tuesday 15th April, 2008
Confusion over civil unions
Thursday 14th April, 2008
Governor’s powers criticised
Thursday 13th April, 2008
Human Rights Commission explored
Thursday 10th April, 2008
HRC wants broader human rights
UK: Human rights a must
Tuesday 8th April, 2008
Constitution discussed in Little Cayman
HRC wants minority rights protected
Monday 7th April, 2008
UK discusses governors
Sunday 6th April, 2008
Referendum change possible
Thursday 3rd April, 2008
NGOs: Constitution education needed
Tuesday 25th March, 2008
Constitution Clergy
Monday 24th March, 2008
Support for proposed Bill of Rights
Thursday 19th March, 2008
Importance of human rights promoted
Single member constituencies debated
Thursday 13th March, 2008
Bush: Our proposals are different
Wednesday 12th March, 2008
Referendum date by end of March
Constitution method questioned
Monday 11th March, 2008
Expanded voting rights desired
Constitution concerns clergy
Friday 7th March, 2008
UDP constitutional views sought
Whose interest is discussed?
Thursday 6th March, 2008
Civilians would oversee police
Say no to independence
Sunday 2nd March, 2008
Referendum issues are still undecided
Monday 25th February, 2008
Caution, constitution modernization potholes
National Security Council explored
Wednesday 20th February, 2008
PPM: Don’t derail constitution
Two options for candidates
UDP wants more time
Tuesday 19th February, 2008
Cabinet chairman an issue
Monday 18th February, 2008
Political eligibility changes dead
Thursday 14th February, 2008
Constitution issues
The right to have rights
‘Our’ constitution
Why participate
Tuesday 12th February, 2008
Treaty knowledge desired
Monday 11th February, 2008
Sister Islands: one district or two?
Sunday 10th February, 2008
Appointment, independence, removal of judges
More government oversight sought
Thursday 7th February, 2008
Referendum could be delayed
Monday 4th February, 2008
Independence not considered
Sunday 3rd February, 2008
Referendum vote: yes or no
Thursday 31st January, 2008
Constitutional consultation begins

Cayman News Service

Tuesday 16th September 2008
Justice Levers facing tribunal
Monday 23rd June 2008
Tibbetts hits out at local paper
Tuesday 17th June 2008
Freedom of Speech
Wednesday 11th June 2008
Mac starts "No" campaign for referendum
Friday 6th June 2008
A losing battle that must be won
Monday 2nd June 2008
The freedom to insult?
Friday 30th May 2008
MLAs fear right's impact on religious radio
Gordon Barlow: Freedom of Religion
Wednesday 28th May 2008
Election Law shapes up for national vote
Friday 23rd May 2008
Knock-out elusive but corners set
No room for ‘No’ vote, says Tibbetts
Thursday 22nd May 2008
UK won't accept gay discrimination
Thursday 17th April, 2008
Mac: referendum after UK negotiations
Monday 18th February, 2008
Maintaining the Constitutional Divide

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce (CICC)

Monday 7th April, 2008
Statement to the Media from the Non-Governmental Organisations Constitutional Working Group

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