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This information is being maintained for archive/historical purposes only.
It will not be updated.



Constitution News are not being published at the moment. We hope to resume publications shortly. Look out for an update soon!

Constitution News is a monthly published by the Constitutional Review Secretariat which provides members of the public with up to date information about the Constitutional Modernization Initiative. This newsletter is published primarily as an electronic document. However, once future publications become available, limited hard copies can be picked up at the following locations throughout the Cayman Islands:

  • All Government Ministries, Departments and Services including Authorities
  • All Government Schools
  • Cable & Wireless (Anderson Square & West Bay 4-Way Stop)
  • Café del Sol
  • Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd (CUC)
  • Cayman Net News
  • Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital
  • Fosters’ Food Fair IGA Supermarkets
  • Hobbies & Books
  • Hurley’s Marketplace
  • Kirk Supermarket
  • Kirkconnell Ltd Supermarket in Cayman Brac
  • Major Banks
  • Major government buildings
  • Market Place in Cayman Brac
  • Owen Roberts International Airport
  • Post Offices in Grand Cayman & Cayman Brac
  • Public libraries
  • Small Variety/Grocery Stores
  • Various Gas Stations
  • Village Square Store in Little Cayman

If you would like to keep informed about what’s happening with the Constitutional Modernization Initiative, join our Constitution News mailing list! Please submit your request to

"Constitution News" Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue 1. Special Edition, January 2008.

"Constitution News" Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 6. November 2007.

"Constitution News" Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 5. October 2007.

"Constitution News" Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 4. September 2007.

"Constitution News" Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 3. August 2007.

"Constitution News" Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 2. July 2007.

"Constitution News" Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 1. June 2007.

Documents are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

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