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Our Partners

Partners of the Constitutional Review Secretariat.

Constitutional Review Secretariat partners with Libraries

Constitutional Review Secretariat partners with Libraries

Ministry of Education, through the director of public libraries, has partnered with the Secretariat to make information about the Constitutional Modernization Initiative accessible to the general public. Members of the public, who visit the Islandsí libraries, are now able to pick up a free copy of the Constitution. Constitutional research sections have also been created in all of Caymanís public libraries. Read More.

Human Rights Committee partners with Constitutional Review Secretariat

The Human Rights Committee has formally agreed to partner with the Constitutional Review Secretariat. The Human Rights Committee has already established a working group to address any human rights issues during the Constitutional Modernization Initiative. Look for special projects in the future!

Future Partners

The Constitutional Review Secretariat also anticipates that it will partner with tertiary institutions in the Cayman Islands with a view to promoting public education of constitution issues. Tentative plans are in place for the students of the Cayman Islands Law School to assist the Secretariat in creating some of its future public education materials. The Secretariat also intends to approach other tertiary institutions in a similar manner.

Last Updated: 2007-07-01