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Promoting the Cayman Islands constitutional modernization initiative by partnering with the Constitutional Reform Secretariat.

What is a CRS Partner?

A CRS partner is a person or organization who works in collaboration with the Constitutional Review Secretariat to promote the various aspects of the Constitutional Modernization Initiative.

How to Become a CRS Partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner with the Secretariat to promote the Constitutional Modernization Initiative, please contact us.

Areas Where Partners are Needed

Volunteers for Public Events

Volunteers will also assist in the public consultation meetings.

Musicians & Artists

Musicians & artists will work with the Secretariat in addressing constitutional issues through various mediums. Steps are being taken for the Secretariat to partner with the National Gallery.

Liaison Officers

If you are an active member of any organisation that wishes to participate in the Constitutional Modernization Initiative during phase 2 (Public Consultation Period), the Constitutional Review Secretariat is looking for key link persons to coordinate consultation meetings with members of their respective organisation. The Secretariat would also like to work with these persons to provide technical support to their organisations, if needed, and to ensure that all stakeholder views are received by the Secretariat.

Last Updated: 2007-07-01