Victor Look Loy

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Victor Look Loy

Date received: February 25, 2008

Dear Constitutional office,

The concept of a referendum as a binary tool to find out how the population feels about a particular matter is well founded. It works well with "yes or no" response if the matter is not multifaceted. A constitutional document does not lend itself to such simple analysis or decision simply because there are many issues involved in one document. Many people may feel strongly about one tiny area in the document and cannot in good conscience approve it.

On the other hand, should the document fail in a referendum that is so structured there is no way to forensically analyze the reasons for its rejection? We would be at square one, no further ahead in knowledge of the wishes of the people or on which issues are non-negotiable in the eyes of the people. It would be a monumental waste of money especially if the reason for so structuring the referendum is a complete lack of faith in the ability of the people of the Cayman Islands to complete more that one question sensibly.

However, should the referendum be so structured that it can be used as a tool to gain information instead of a mandate then there is no question of failure? The thorny issues are well known to everyone in this country. The results or the questions would then form the basis of a paper more representative of the people of this nation which is what a constitutional document is supposed to be. I think that a magnificent opportunity is being lost because of political expediency and it is a shame indeed.

Victor Look Loy

Last Updated: 2008-02-29