Kim Arch

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Kim Arch

I know there are many changes that young people have seen within the last 5-10 years that are shocking to us so why are we taking a seat on the back bench? It is us who will hold up this island in the future therefore it is us who need to help sustain this government and ensure the right decisions are being made and how we can improve those that aren’t.

From what I have gathered so far from the exercise that is currently underway, I feel the significant values the Constitution should include are things that are of Caymanian value. For example; it should protect and reflect our heritage such as our Christian beliefs based on the Bible. It should very well include freedom of religion and the right to worship; as I would also like to know I can go to a restaurant and bow my head to bless my dinner. However; it should note that we are of a Christian society and would like those ways to be respected. If we don’t protect it now, the faith and integrity of our forefathers will not be continued and that is a fear of the Cayman people. We want to ensure that our humble and God serving ways are preserved.

The idea of National Election or a one man one vote I feel would be a more unbiased and promising Government. In a National Election, citizens would have the privilege to vote for all candidates in the LA and who they think would be the best Leader. Furthermore, I think the Cabinet should be chosen by a non-party system.

I am also concerned that the party system might eliminate considerable amount of unity in our country that was once one of the many characteristics that attracted so many visitors to these islands. In my opinion, a party system divides a country’s government and as a consequence causing such a division is demoralizing to these small islands. We are a friendly loving people – let’s not lose that.

I would also like to point out to young people who may not know: The Constitution Review was being looked into before now and much of what is being considered has already been proposed. Nonetheless, the current government is only trying to let the citizens of this country know what is going on before the final decisions are made. We have been promised freedom of information and we have gotten it. Let us as a younger generation have our voices heard on what is for the betterment of our country.

The present politicians and the future politicians please take note and try to conduct our business of House with a more respectable demeanor than has been modeled to us; where respect is giving to one and all and to those who put them there.

Young people, peers, friends – I truly believe that one person can make a difference and it is crucial that we young people play our part in facilitating the development and enhancement of our islands.

Last Updated: 2008-03-07