Ezmie Smith

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Submissions by Ezmie Smith

Caymanian Compass, August 9, 2007

Response to the article titled “The Constitution and You” in the Caymanian Compass on Friday 27th July 2007.

This is what I think.

The Constitution of the Cayman Islands should begin with a preamble. Our preamble must acknowledge the indigenous Caymanians. The preamble must recall the events in our history and the seafaring background of these islands.

The preamble must state “We the Caymanian people and the Constitution is for the people of the Cayman Islands” some what like the US constitution which refers to “us the people of the United States”. The preamble must ensure that it promotes the unique culture and identity of its people as well as their welfare. The constitution preamble must contain our Christian values and heritage from our humble beginning. It must show we can manage our country and want to have more autonomy over our affairs with self determination if the United Kingdom wishes for these islands to have a modern constitution. The preamble must be the people’s preamble which depicts aspects of Caymanian History for a full understanding of our present day attitudes and friendliness.

- Ezmie Smith

Last Updated: 2007-08-24