January 21, 2008

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Response to the Summary of Proposals

January 21, 2008

I totally agree with both the format and the changes and/or the amendments as highlighted in t he Summary of Proposals. This is a great first step forward for the country.

I am very optimistic of the efforts of Government in this regard and they are to be congratulated for being open, transparent and honourable in following through with their election promises to the people.

My only comment is that I disagree with one item in the proposal and that is the qualification of a non Caymanian with status to be able to run for elected office being 25 years as a holder of Caymanian status. Someone has forgotten to consider that it takes a status holder a further 10 years to qualify for status so in reality that person would have to be on the island for 35 years. This is totally unreasonable and discriminates against an immigrant making Cayman their home as a member of our community. I feel that if the person has had status for 15 years and the aggregate time on the island is 25 years, that person has shown them selves to be an integral part of our community and therefore should be able to run for elected office if they so desire. Surely, 15 years holding status and naturalization and a further 10 years to qualify totaling 25 years make someone a Caymanian by both law and acceptance within the community.


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