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Public Feedback

  • Gene Banks
    March 3, 2009

    Your website states that "Efforts will be made to conduct public education on the final draft Constitution"...» Read more

  • Mary Jones
    5th November 2008

    I feel that this initiative is geared toward the minds of the older generation...» Read more

  • Leonard A. Dilbert, J.P.
    2nd October 2008

    In view of the late date, as we host the UK for bi-lateral talks...» Read more

  • Jenny Manderson
    24th May 2008

    I attended the Chamber’s Constitutional Forum on Thursday and was pleased to hear both political leaders reaffirm their conviction that the civil service must be...» Read more

  • Ron Arscott

    Seeing as Cayman has such a small voting pool to start with why is it that...» Read more

  • Richard Hugh Barton

    This document was written in 2002. However, since then, it has been modified to suit the current Constitutional Modernization Initiative...» Read more

  • Rev. M. Alson Ebanks

    The Church in the Constitutional Maelstrom...» Read more

  • Marilee Parsons

    I would like to make some comments on the proposed changes to the C.I. Constitution, as follows...» Read more

  • Truman Bodden, John Mclean

    Some politicians never admit their own failure...» Read more

  • Gordon Barlow

    Commentary: Everybody's Business: Struggle for freedom...» Read more

  • Kim Arch

    I know there are many changes that young people have seen within the last 5-10 years...» Read more

  • W. McKeeva Bush, OBE, MLA, JP, Leader of the Opposition

    Constitution should never become a political football...» Read more

  • Stacey Ebanks

    What is the Leader of the Opposition's motive in delaying the referendum?...» Read more

  • Hon Alden McLaughlin, Education Minister

    Cayman to hold first national vote...» Read more

  • Victor Look Loy

    The concept of a referendum as a binary tool to find out how the population feels about a particular matter is well founded. » Read more

  • Timothy C. Hubbell, JP

    RE: Feedback on Constitutional Summary of Proposals...» Read more

  • Peter Schmid

    The assertion that a person that had to qualify for Status...» Read more

    In my opinion it is debatable who over the years, made the majority of decisions that were beneficial...» Read more

    The days of giving an MLA or Minister a blank check for 4 years are over!» Read more

    Any appointments or legislation that Cayman has to pay for should require Caymanian concurrence.» Read more.

    if 20% of eligible voters bring a popular initiative for a referendum, the govt.» Read more.

  • Richard E. Arch MBE, JP

    The accompanying papers include my personal communications with George Town Representatives, The Constitutional Review Commissioner (Mr. Smith) and now, as reviewed and revised to yourselves in regards to the pending Summary of Proposals by the Constitutional Review Secretariat. » Read more

  • Cadian Ebanks

    Draft Proposal for a new Constitution. Date recieved: January 10, 2008

  • Human Rights Committee

    The 2008 Constitutional Modernisation Proposals and their Human Rights Implications ...» Read more

  • West Bay Action Committee

    Proposals for Constitutional Modernaizing ...» Read more

  • Varion Ebanks

    a. I would like to see the MLA’s stop slandering the members of the public… » Read More

  • Winston Ebanks

    I think that a part should be applied to the Constitution which outlines… » Read more.

  • Ezmie Smith

    Response to the article titled “The Constitution and You” in the Caymanian Compass on Friday 27th July 2007… » Read more.

Last Updated: 2009-10-19

Cadian Ebanks
Draft Proposal for a new Constitution.

Concerned Citizens Group
Re: Constitutional Review

Concerned Citizens Group
A Presentation to the, the Implementation of the Declaration on the Grant of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples (Special Committee of 24 on Decolonization) United Nations).

The Concerned Citizens
Constitutional Review

Richard Hugh Barton
This document was written in 2002. However, since then, it has been modified to suit the current Constitutional Modernization Initiative...» Read more

Revised Proposals for Constitution Modernizing
List of revised Proposals for Constitution Modernizing