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Get Involved

Messages from HE the Governor, Leader of Government Business and Leader of the Opposition

Constitutional Conversation

Constitutional Conversation is a call-in radio and TV show created for the public to hear first hand, all about the constitutional issues on the table. The shows will resume upon further notice. Look out for more details soon.


Public Meetings Schedule


Be a Constitutional Champion

Round Table Discussion Questions and Answers Session


Why is it Important to Get Involved in the Constitutional Modernization Initiative?

The Constitution Modernization Review is an important opportunity for creating public awareness on the fine tenets upon which our governance is established and to encourage discussion on the way forward.

The Cayman Islands Constitution is a living document that ensures that we live in a state of social and political stability by -

  • Establishing the role of Her Majesty in the Territory;
  • Determining how the executive arm of government operates;
  • Determining the extent to which the social, economic and political decisions that affect the Islands are made by the elected representatives;
  • Providing protective measures in the event of national emergencies;
  • Providing protective measures in the event that one of our elected representatives cannot fulfill his or her functions;
  • Establishing criteria for those qualified to vote or run for elections;
  • Creating bodies to ensure that fairness prevails;
  • Recognizing the protections accorded,and rights of, individuals in the Cayman Islands.

It's YOUR life, YOUR country, YOUR future.

Last Updated: 2009-07-02

LoGB Constitutional Negotiations Speech
Delivered on 11 February 2009 at the Legislative Assembly following the third and final round of Constitutional talks in the UK