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Professor Jeffrey Jowell QC, Consultant

Professor Jeffrey Jowell QC, ConsultantProfessor Jeffrey Jowell QC has been retained as a consultant to the Cayman Islands Government to assist in the Constitutional Modernization Initiative.  He is Professor of Public Law at the University of London and a practising barrister at Blackstone Chambers.

Professor Jowell is a renowned expert in constitutional and public law and the author, with Lord Woolf, the former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, of numerous books and articles on those subjects including the leading text book known as de Smith, Woolf and Jowell on Judicial Review.

Professor Jowell has advised on the national constitutions and the public law of a number of countries including South Africa, Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia. He is the UK’s member of the Council of Europe’s ‘Venice Commission’ (The Commission for Democracy through Law) and a member of the UK’s Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.

Professor Jowell is happy to be working with the Constitutional Review Secretariat and the people of the Cayman Islands in providing expert advice on specific areas of constitutional reform.  He looks forward to seeing the Cayman Islands achieve a Constitution that reflects the social and political aspirations of the people of these Islands.

Last Updated: 2007-10-02