Staff Profiles

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This information is being maintained for archive/historical purposes only.
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Staff Profiles

  • Mrs. Suzanne Bothwell, Director

    The Director of the Constitutional Review Secretariat, Mrs. Suzanne Bothwell, is a Caymanian Attorney-at-Law. She is employed as Senior Crown Counsel under the Portfolio of Legal Affairs and has been seconded to manage the Constitutional Review Secretariat for the life of the special project.

  • Mr. Christen Suckoo, Deputy Director

    Mr. Christen Suckoo, Deputy Director of the Constitutional Review Secretariat has been employed in the Civil Service for over 8 years. He is currently employed as a Policy Analyst in the Cabinet Office, with responsibility for regional affiliations, such as CARICOM.

  • Professor Jeffrey Jowell QC, Consultant

    Professor Jeffrey Jowell QC has been retained as a consultant to the Cayman Islands Government to assist in the Constitutional Modernization Initiative. He is Professor of Public Law at the University of London and a practising barrister at Blackstone Chambers.

  • Ms. Yvette Cacho, Research Officer

    Ms. Yvette Cacho is a young Caymanian who has recently joined The Secretariat team as a Research Officer. She is a recent graduate of Florida International University where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a double major in Marketing and Management.

  • Mrs. Doralyn Stewart, Office Administrator

    As a retired civil servant of the Cayman Islands Government, Mrs. Stewart is currently employed as the Office Administrator of the Constitutional Review Secretariat.

  • Mr. Jason Webster, Research Officer

    Mr. Jason Webster is a young Caymanian who recently graduated from the University of Western Ontario where he obtained a Bachelors degree in Political Science.

Last Updated: 2008-10-27