Logo and Slogan

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This information is being maintained for archive/historical purposes only.
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Logo and Slogan


The logo of the Constitutional Modernization Initiative was inspired by national symbols that reflect our rich heritage.

The colours red and blue symbolize the ongoing relationship between the Cayman Islands and United Kingdom.

The sail with the three stars represents the unity of the three islands and the fact that the entire Cayman Islands must be involved in this national exercise.

The cat boat over the high seas represents the brave choices all of us in the Cayman Islands have made and will continue to make in our pursuit of national advancement.


The slogan, "Shaping Our Future Together", is an apt expression of what it will take for the people of the Cayman Islands to ensure that we can identify achievable and lasting constitutional reforms that are suitable to the Cayman Islands.

Last Updated: 2007-07-01

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